Thursday, 20 October 2016

composition page 4

I'm starting a bigger painting again. These are some exploration pieces to prepare for this. I'll pick one of these to color and render.
I will be using 3D and photomanipulation for this as a way of matte painting and concept design how it has become popular recently.

I wanted to do something on epic scale, preferable with science fiction influences, a spaceship and a traveller. I want to give the sense of adventure as well as awe and.
Very curious to how this will turn out.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Figure and color studies

 I've been doing a lot of studies lately. I start with figure sketches via and put the timer on 60 seconds. After that I check them all again and rework things that didn't go right, find out what to look out for more. What's more important in the figure etc.

Then I do studies from one of my favourite movies, cloud atlas. In this I study a bunch of things. Mostly color harmony, values and composition. I'm also about to pick up on storyboarding some more too