Sunday, 25 December 2016

Sunday afternoon portrait

I missed doing portraits. I used to do one every other week. Finally getting used to my intuos too which will be helpful in the Guest lecture I've been asked to do in Januari.

Happy holidays for whoever is reading this :)

miscellaneous studies

 Sometimes I see a show and keep marvelling at the colors in a scene or the lighting. So I make sure I get some snapshots and save them for later studying. I also like to change things up sometimes so I included this in my daily studies

I experiment sometimes so in a few of these I was trying to see how Brush economy worked and how weird filters make it very hard to guesstimate the right color. Very interesting
Most of these are from the shot The last kingdom

The view from my apartment early sunday morning
47 Ronin shot

Guardians work in progress

So this is the current painting I'm working on. Started from the thumb on top and worked out what I wanted to do with it. Started doing lineart on top
Adding in color and mood. I started with a normal overcast daylight scene but I never really find these compelling enough. So I made a change to the feel and added more extreme color with a sunset behind the subjects
Beginning to render. This part is tough since I generally lose the composition for a while when I start figuring out how the lighting works. I also wanted to get a big epic scale to it which wasn't there before

Changing some colors around, adding more visual interest and setting the final mood before going into the final render. I still feel like I need to take some of the earlier clear message and work it back in. Very curious how this will end up looking

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Cloud atlas studies continued

 After studying the workings of perspective and construction with Scott Robertsons books it's time to get back to daily studies.

I have trouble drawing big detailed things like cities really fast, I try to get the shapes right and then add a quick hint of contstruction and detail but it's tough to do in 30 minutes and also get the colors right

Got a computer at home and getting back on the intuos takes way more getting used to than I anticipated
Either way, I'm trying to cut down the time to do these and get the adsolute core out of the picture with colors.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

composition page 4

I'm starting a bigger painting again. These are some exploration pieces to prepare for this. I'll pick one of these to color and render.
I will be using 3D and photomanipulation for this as a way of matte painting and concept design how it has become popular recently.

I wanted to do something on epic scale, preferable with science fiction influences, a spaceship and a traveller. I want to give the sense of adventure as well as awe and.
Very curious to how this will turn out.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Figure and color studies

 I've been doing a lot of studies lately. I start with figure sketches via and put the timer on 60 seconds. After that I check them all again and rework things that didn't go right, find out what to look out for more. What's more important in the figure etc.

Then I do studies from one of my favourite movies, cloud atlas. In this I study a bunch of things. Mostly color harmony, values and composition. I'm also about to pick up on storyboarding some more too

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Some more composition explorations

Needed a quick break between detailed work which was becoming frustrating. Wanted to do some quick composition sketches. Getting a inspiration from videogames and some photo's I found interesting. I bought shadow of Mordor the other day and it surprised me how engaging it can be. Also Photo mode <3

Monday, 12 September 2016

Figure drawing studies

 Been doing quite a bit of figure studies these days. Learning from Andrew loomis' book figure drawing as well as doing quickposes and arranging sketchnights for our local artists. It's very encouraging to see steady improvement in my lines and general posture skills.

Here are some of the sketches I did as a morning warmup. All of these were done in 1 minute or less

Big bird in a small cage

I'm finally calling this piece done! There are still parts I'd love to do over now that I now how to do it better but I love it how it is now.

Been working on and off for a good few weeks/months(?) and it has been a lovely voyage through frustration, excitement and fuzzy feelings when all the parts came together. Very excited to get this out!

Image on the left is the initial sketch I made to get the tone and feel right. I really wanted a warm and mysterious setting for this to work. So I started with all warm colors and gradually built up the color scheme after the sketch. Through feedback I realised it needed a bit of balance so I added more cyan and an off screen blue light on the left. This gave some more gravitas to the existing warm color scheme.

Credit where credit is due to one of my favourite bands out there: Patrick Watson to inspire me with his song 'big bird in a small cage'   And my friend Zouhayer Gharbi for relentless feedback and encouragement. Also the Dutch concept artist facebook group which has been really helpful :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Banner hero pose exploration

Was asked to do a banner for a client. Some exploration for the dynamic we were going to use. Very fun to do!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Gravity falls line art studies

 I absolutely love the art style Gravity falls created. Decided to study their use of lines arcs and thickness. Very interesting to study!

I plan on coloring these at some point. 

Cloud atlas studies (continued)

 After a break on these studies to work on my lines (traditional and figure drawing) I've come back to daily quickstudies again. Every frame gets a study! :)

Updated everyday I have the ability to draw, which is generally everyday but sunday.

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